STEM education for teenagers

Including STEM portfolios as an option within the admissions process is just beginning to take hold. High profile schools like Stanford, MIT, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, and Harvard have created a place for them in recent years. And over 150 other schools have publically pledged to take one or more of steps to promote making.

What you will learn and experience!

Private mentorship

Internet of things



3D printing

Mechanical design

Our classes

Coding for Robotics
- Intermediate 2

12 years & above

Students will learn signal processing fundamentals, control theory fundamentals, event-driven programming and other advanced features. They will build system level prototypes to put their creativity to life.


12 year olds

An integrated approach will be taken to combine topics into fun and challenging projects. The emphasis will be on practical identification and solution formulation and building of advanced robot system designed to handle situations and scenarios.

What goes on in our classes

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6467 1369

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