STEM activities for children

STEM is fun, and being bilingual is important for the kids, so why not experience both of them altogether! In this unique STEM programme, class activities are conducted in both Chinese and English. Students will not only learn some scientific knowledge, engineering skills and conduct hands-on experiments but also immerse in the natural bilingual environment with their peers.

What you will learn and experience!

Problem-solving skills

Peer collaboration

Critical thinking skills

Fun and engaging environment

Hands-on experience

Lots of positive reviews

Our classes

Python Coding for Kids (I)

10 years old & above

In this course, students will learn basic syntax and coding structure, how to conduct repetitive tasks using loops, how to branch code based on different decisions. Students will plot eye-dazzling patterns, design simple interactive apps, and fun and playable games.

Python Coding for Kids (II)

10 years old & above

Coming soon…

Python Coding for AI

12 years old & above

Coming soon…

Coding for Robotics- Entry

7 – 8 years old

In this robotics entry class, students will learn the fundamentals of the different components of a robotic system, learn how to use Scratch interface to communicate with an external robot controller, and learn to develop code to control the robot.

Coding for Robotics- Basic 1 & 2

8 – 10 years old

Students will learn to program Arduino controller using graphic interface, understand the electrical circuits and use different sensors, servos and actuators for robots. Students will design programs and build automatic systems and robots.

Coding for Robotics-Intermediate 1

10 – 12 years old

Students will learn signal processing fundamentals, control theory fundamentals, event-driven programming and other advanced features. Powered by the advanced knowledge, the students will build system level prototypes to put their creativity to life.

Explorer 1 & 2

7 – 8 years old

Learn about electricity, types of forces, light, programming structure, material properties, solar energy and more! Kids will learn to make their own prototypes fo LED indicators, diving bears, submarines, air cannons and much much more!

Adventurer 1 & 2

9 – 11 years old

Learn about electric circuits, electromagnetics, electric motors, Newton’s law of motion, signal properties. Kids will make their own automatic doors, railguns, static electricity chargers, vacuum cleaners, musical instruments and other cool stuff!


12 years old

An integrated approach will be taken to combine topics into fun and challenging projects. The emphasis will be on practical identification and solution formulation and building of advanced robot system designed to handle situations and scenarios.

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